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The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is the recognized voice of Ontario’s planning profession. Since 1994, when the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act was passed, the planning landscape has changed dramatically and is much more complex. This private legislation was the first in Canada to protect the title "Registered Professional Planner (RPP)."

Planning in Ontario has far-reaching implications for our communities, especially at a time where communities have many choices to make and when resources have never been scarcer. RPPs bring the ability and expertise to help inform choices and inspire communities.

On behalf of its membership, OPPI is seeking legislative change in how the planning profession is regulated in order to enhance the public’s confidence in professional planners and their commitment and furthering the public interest. Through the Registered Professional Planners Act (Bill 122), we hope to do this.

Please see below the progress that has been made to date.

Bill 122 Second Reading Press Conference – May 11, 2017

FAQ's, questions and comments will be posted as the dialogue evolves. Past documents regarding professional regulation can be found in the Archives section above. Send your questions, offer comments and suggestions to Brian Brophey, Registrar & Director, Member Relations.